With 13+ years of experience creating gel nails, it’s not only important to me to create a look that is stunning at a glance, but also upon closer inspection. The smallest things make the biggest difference! That’s why I take the extra time to craft perfectly shaped, polished and detailed nails for my clients. I am meticulous when it comes to my work-whether it’s a clean, polished look or totally customized to fit your style. With custom mixed colours, hand-painted details, gems, charms, and more, I can create any look that fits your fancy! I pride myself on creating a safe and welcoming environment. So not only will you leave with the nails of your dreams, but your experience also promises to be relaxing, pleasurable and positive.

Price List


Your basic gel set, one or two solid colours or glitter gel. This can include VERY minimal nail art.
New You: $140*
Old Pro: $140**


Several fingers with nail art OR a couple nails with 3D, detailed art, crystals, or other embellishments.
New YOU: $140*
Old Pro: $140**


One exciting womxn! Everything you want in one place, 3D, some crystals, detail, you name it.
New YOU: $180*
Old Pro: $180**


10/10! Your nails will ALL be covered in Swarovski crystals and/or as much detail as I can fit.
New You: $220*
Old Pro: $220**

*New You: A new set of gel nails, or your first appointment with us—even if it’s a fill.

**Old Pro: Any returning client getting a fill or gel polish application.

We welcome ANYONE who wishes to get their nails “Polished!”


Acrylic Removal: $20-40

Eyebrow Threading: $10

Oracle or Tarot Card Reading: $20 for one, or $30 for both

Your Polished Aesthetic has very deliberately selected our service titles by re-purposing words that have been used to describe sex workers at different points in history. It is my hope that by using these words we can increase awareness and decrease the stigma around all types of sex work. I love people who do sex work, and you likely do too (even if you don’t know it yet).

We believe that sex work is real work, like any other job. There are people who do sex work out of survival to ensure they have a roof over their head, or to support any of their favourite habits; there are sex workers who love their jobs and there are sex workers who look forward to the day that they do another type of work instead… just like coal miners, cashiers or lawyers. All jobs have inherent risk, however most jobs come with some security or protections. If you are a coal miner and a tunnel caves in and you injure your leg, there is insurance to cover your expenses and bills while you recover; if you are a cashier and your employer sexually assaults you, you can reach out to the police or your union and have repercussions for the individual; and if you are a lawyer and you are attacked while at work, there are security measures in place and there will be repercussions for the offender.

The reason sex work is considered more dangerous than these other lines of work has nothing to do with the profession itself. Like at any other job you can get injured, sexually assaulted, or attacked, the reason it’s considered riskier is the fact that if you do sex work and any of these things happen to you, there is no safe legal course of action to protect yourself, due to stigma and poorly formulated laws.

There will always be sex workers, the only way to make it safe is to decriminalize it and give better access to the legal protections you may have in any other trade. This will better provide safety to sex workers (people doing this work of their own volition) as well as make it safer and easier for individuals who are victims of trafficking to come forward for help.